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Product reference: CA-PULSE TO MBUS
This module converts the pulse signal of a consumption meter into the Mbus protocol. Up to two consumption meters can be connected simultaneously. The power supply for this module is provided by the Mbus loop. This module is equipped with a backup battery in case of a problem on the Mbus loop. So there is never a loss of data.

Pulse Splitter

Product reference: CA-Pulse-SP
The CADIS pulse splitter is used to split the pulse of a consumption meter so that this pulse can be measured by two different readout systems or data loggers. This pulse splitter does not require a separate voltage. It receives that from the measurement system to which it is connected. This splitter works with pulses coming from a reed contact or it can also be a pulse with an open collector output. In an open collector output, the polarity must be respected. The measured pulse must have a minimum duration of 5 ms.

Cadis Consumption Reporter

Product reference: CA-CCR
The CCR is a very compact module with touchscreen and webserver to measure all energy consumption.  All consumption data is recorded at regular intervals using either a wireless or hardwired connection, and stored in the module’s memory. This data can be consulted locally via the touchscreen, or remotely via a network. It is also possible to transmit data automatically to an FTP server, which allows data from a number of buildings to be monitored centrally.  What really sets this CCR module apart is that users can simply and rapidly create consumption reports.

Smart Monitoring Module

Product reference: CA-DIN-SMM
Registering and monitoring the consumption of a small amount of meters has never been easier! The compact SMART MONITORING MODULE (SMM) automatically and permanently records consumption and, via internal software, automatically creates clear reports that are e-mailed to the user. All meter types equipped with a wired or wireless M-bus communication (meterbus) are eligible. If the meters are equipped with a pulse, Metergo can supply a module that converts this pulse to the Meterbus protocol. The SMM module can be connected directly to the building's computer network to transmit the data or reports. If no network is available, you can provide this module with a SIM card and send the reports via the telecom network. For larger projects (more than 60 consumption meters) we refer to the CONSUMPTION REPORTER (CCR).