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Lorawan Gateway

Product reference: Ca-Lorawan-Gateway
LoRaWan technology is highly suitable for transmitting small data packets from sensors or consumption meters up to 10 Km away to a central gateway. The LoRaWan modules used for this purpose are very compact and consume very little energy. As a result, they can run on battery power for years and can be placed anywhere. The LoRaWan gateway, which is placed centrally, collects all data from the sensors and sends it to a network server where it is stored and processed. By default, the CADIS gateway operates via a fixed LAN connection. If a fixed connection is not available, it can also transmit data to the server via the telephone network.


Product reference: CA-COMP-xF-xxA
Digital single- to triple-phase electricity meter for sub metering with Mbus or LORA  communication.