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Lorawan Gateway

Product reference: Ca-Lorawan-Gateway
LoRaWan technology is highly suitable for transmitting small data packets from sensors or consumption meters up to 10 Km away to a central gateway. The LoRaWan modules used for this purpose are very compact and consume very little energy. As a result, they can run on battery power for years and can be placed anywhere. The LoRaWan gateway, which is placed centrally, collects all data from the sensors and sends it to a network server where it is stored and processed. By default, the CADIS gateway operates via a fixed LAN connection. If a fixed connection is not available, it can also transmit data to the server via the telephone network.

Rotary gas meter (C-RM serie)

Product reference: CA-C-RM-Gxx-DNxx
Rotor meters are used to measure larger volumes of gas for pipelines from DN40 to DN150. They comply with all recent standards and regulations, both international and European. They also comply with ISO 9001:2000 ISO14001. They have the great advantage of being very compact. The number of revolutions of the rotors in these meters is proportional to the amount of gas displaced under the prevailing pressure and temperature. Double reed contact and an anti-fraud reed contact are available as standard for a central reading of the gas consumption. Cadis supplies a central registration module CCR for this purpose. Translated with (free version)

UG series Bellow gas meter

Product reference: CA-FLOW-UG-Gxx
The gas meters can be used to measure: natural gas - city gas - propane or butane gas. Depending on the type, they have a single or double pipe connection. The gas meters are standard equipped with an impulse magnet. An impulse transmitter can optionally be purchased (1imp=0,01m³) so that they can be read centrally. Cadis supplies a central registration module CCR for this purpose. These gas meters are suitable for measuring gas volumes up to 25 m³/h. For higher flow rates we refer to the rotor gas meters.