Heat cost allocator

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Lorawan Gateway

Product reference: Ca-Lorawan-Gateway
LoRaWan technology is highly suitable for transmitting small data packets from sensors or consumption meters up to 10 Km away to a central gateway. The LoRaWan modules used for this purpose are very compact and consume very little energy. As a result, they can run on battery power for years and can be placed anywhere. The LoRaWan gateway, which is placed centrally, collects all data from the sensors and sends it to a network server where it is stored and processed. By default, the CADIS gateway operates via a fixed LAN connection. If a fixed connection is not available, it can also transmit data to the server via the telephone network.

Heat cost allocator with Lorawan or Wireless Mbus

Product reference: CA-EERM-Lorawan-Wmbus
The heat cost allocator is placed for the correct statement of the consumed heat energy in apartments or studio’s. This solution is adapted in the places where thermal energy meters can't be installed in the pipes. The heat cost allocator  correctly measures the heat. External heat sources such as the sun or outdoor heat does not effect the measurement results. The CA-EERM does not measure the temperature in the room, only the heat from the radiator. This module automatically generates the correct consumption reports.