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Electromagnetic flow meter

Product reference: CA-ESHCM-EM
Electromagnetic flow meter for a combined thermal energy system. This meter contains no mechanical parts. The flow meter is connected to a calculation module. This measuring principle allows to monitor larger heating/cooling applications. With the electromagnetic flowmeter of MeterGo you have a convenient solution for measuring your heating and cooling.

Clamp-on Ultrasonic Flow Meters

Product reference: CA-ESHCM-CLAMP
The ultrasonic flow measurement of a clamp-on flow meter is contactless. This works by means of transducers that are placed on the pipes . The clamp-on flow meter then transmits and simultaneously receives ultrasonic signals through the transducers. By measuring the difference, the clamp-on flow meter can determine the flow rate. This meter is suitable for non-contact flow measurement and for energy measurement.