Vlerick Business School Indoor climate monitoring

Vlerick Business School Indoor climate monitoring

“As facilities department of the renowned Vlerick Business School, one of our major challenges is to be able to continue the courses in reliable, high quality rooms. For our 3 campuses we were therefore looking for 1 centralised solution that could ensure that we could proactively monitor the indoor climate of our classrooms. Because of the major impact of the indoor climate on the experience of an educational program in a classroom, we felt it was necessary to rely on more than just the measurements provided by our HVAC control tools. Cadis was the only company to come up with a solution that covered all our main needs: affordable, in the cloud, everything under their management (HW, installation, follow-up cloud tool, monitoring, recovery, full path possible without IT, ….).”

Steven Clemminck

Operations Manager

Vlerick Business School

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